Concentrating in the practice of intellectual property law, for the past fifteen years, The Bilicki Law Firm has helped clients in the United States and abroad safeguard their discoveries and new technologies.

With its principal offices strategically located in Jamestown, New York, USA, The Bilicki Law Firm represents clients located in the tri-state region, namely western New York, western Pennsylvania, and eastern Ohio.

In view of the Firm's growing reputation, we also represent clients in Michigan, Florida, and California, as well as corporations located in countries around the world, including Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

Because of the quality, sophistication, and breadth of our IP services, clients, who previously felt compelled to utilize larger firms in distant, larger markets, now can enjoy and take advantage of the Firm's proximity and in-person responsiveness, while at the same time reducing significantly their IP legal budgets.

Our Philosophy

Our Firm's abiding philosophy is ingrained throughout our staff: Know the client's business, people, language, technology, customers, and goals intimately. Our legal counsel is tailored to achieve those goals and to have a positive impact upon each client's bottom line.

Our client-driven mission has been shaped on the anvil of our experience. It is animated by our passion and enabled by skills and judgment. The end result has been a long history of success, as our clients define success.

Our Perspective

The Bilicki Law Firm is a full-service intellectual property boutique adept at litigation, solicitation and prosecution, and counseling in all areas of intellectual property law. Our distinguishing factors derive from our credentialed experience in litigation and our maintenance of a fee structure far more inviting than those of larger firms in larger markets. This litigation background influences our entire Intellectual Property law perspective because we have first-hand knowledge of how the determination of a patent's scope, validity, and enforceability play out in the courtroom. Our proven track record translates not into moral or symbolic victories for our clients, but true long-term successes that meet our clients' business goals.

We are as comfortable in preparing for high-stakes litigation scenarios as we are in crafting winning patent claims. We are good stewards of our clients' budgets, and can provide sophisticated legal services at competitive rates on tight timelines.