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Mekra Lang Gmbh v. Truck-Lite, Co., Inc.

Mekra Lang Gmbh  v. Truck-Lite, Co., Inc.

  • Patentee located in Germany charged our client, a worldwide leader in the manufacture and sale of vehicular lighting and safety equipment with infringement of 6 European patents, as well as 13 US patents, all directed to the technology associated with the mounting and stabilization of a movable mirror plate within a housing for use on heavy duty trucks in use throughout Europe and North America.
  • As lead counsel in the U.S. litigation, we retained and managed patent and litigation counsel in Great Britain, Germany, and Sweden to defend against the charges comprising the European litigation.
  • At stake for the client were worldwide contracts to supply mirrors to a global automobile and truck manufacturer headquartered in Sweden, who also had been threatened by the patentee with a charge of patent infringement.
  • As a result of extensive negotiations, backed by strong opinions of noninfringement, the German mirror manufacturer backed down, and did not bring suit in the U.S. or Europe.
  • The resulting settlement allowed our client to fulfill its contacts to supply worldwide the Swedish auto maker with mirrors for its heavy duty trucks, without adversely affecting our client’s bottom line.