Byron Bilicki

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Truck-Lite v. Panor

Truck-Lite (“TL”) sued its competitor in federal district court in New York for infringement of one of its patents and for unfair competition arising from Panor’s use of TL’s proprietary Model Numbers used in connection with several of its lighting products. Following the filing of Panor’s answer, the Court convened a settlement conference wherein he acted as a mediator. As part of those proceedings, the parties may presentations to each other and the Court on the issues of liability and damages.

A tentative agreement was reached as a result of the one day mediation. The parties then negotiated the terms of a detailed settlement agreement, wherein Panor agreed to pay money to TL for past damages for patent infringement and unfair competition, as well as an ongoing royalty under the TL patent. TL allowed Panor to use certain part numbers in connection with certain products. The settlement agreement in regard to part numbers is somewhat complicated. It took several weeks to work through the issues.