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Why are you here?

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We’re willing to bet that you’re reading this blog post because intellectual property law has a direct impact on you.

Sure, maybe you just enjoy the nuances of patents, copyrights, and trademarks – and well you should, because it’s a fascinating area of law – but more likely, IP issues are at the core of your life and career.

Maybe you are an artist, designer, musician, or writer concerned with protecting your work.

Maybe you are an inventor or researcher preparing to go to market (or dream of going to market) and need guidance.

Maybe you work with, or represent, people in creative fields, and want to make sure that you’re staying sharp.

You’re in the right place. The Bilicki Law Blog will be a resource for anyone interested in national and international IP news, developments from the United States Patent and Trademarks Office, and cases from our own files.

You’ll also have an opportunity to get to know more about the Bilicki Law Firm – the events we attend, the projects we support, and the role we play in our local community. We want our expertise and our culture to be on display for our readers.

IP law protects the rights of the innovative, energetic people who use their ideas, vision, and talents to bring beauty and utility into our world. We are here to help them, and our blog exists to document the process.

We look forward to sharing with you.