They've given us great advice over the years, and done a great job of pointing us in the right direction.

The Bilicki Law Firm brings to the table not just the ability to prosecute a patent…but with the patent litigation ultimately in mind, they can generate the application, and prosecute. That's where I felt they stand out compared to other patent lawyers.

They stand out in every way compared to other lawyers I've worked with. If I have to litigate a patent, I will only use the Bilicki Law Firm.

The firm is good at pointing us in the right direction... in terms of potential risk... with an eye towards meeting the business needs of Truck Lite. The way the firm helps us is protecting [our intellectual property] assets.

We've been able to utilize the Bilicki Law Firm's global reach... and use their contacts to help us settle and establish intellectual property in other countries throughout the world.

Bilicki Law helps us define the best route that we should take. We can go forward with our product with the assurance that we have the protection that we need.

They're people that I can trust.

Tailored to the needs to protect our bank in the future.