Partnering With You To Create A Unique IP Strategy

Whether you’re launching a new product, seeking to stop counterfeiters, enforcing one of your patents, or protecting your brand, you can depend on Bilicki Law to advise your company in all its intellectual property needs. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to deliver clear, comprehensive, and cost-effective patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and unfair competition legal advice that aligns with your business goals.

The path toward developing a successful intellectual property strategy is marked with a number of key stages. Bilicki Law welcomes clients at each and every stage and we have the tools and expertise to protect your ideas, visions, and talents and help you achieve success as you define it.

Concept Development Stage

At this stage, we help you formulate a plan to protect your innovations and creative efforts in terms of available patent, trademark, copyright, trade dress, and/or trade secret protection. We become your strategic partner, as we work closely with your engineers and scientists, as well as your sales and marketing personnel. With some of our corporate clients, we also act as in-house IP counsel, essentially becoming part of their management team.

Protection Stage

We meet with your engineers and scientists to evaluate prior art to provide thorough opinions on patentability, prior to preparing utility, design, or business method patent applications in the U.S. and abroad. We also explore and evaluate the registrability of trademark and service marks, as well as trade dress, as part of protecting and growing your brand for the products and services you seek to commercialize. We address issues of copyright and trade secret protection that may apply to your creative works, industrial designs, and processes. Most importantly, we ensure that the intellectual property rights line up with your business objectives.

Freedom To Operate/ Product Launch Stage

Through in-depth investigations and detailed search reports, we provide clearance opinions on whether your product can go to market. Should we find barriers to your freedom to operate, in view of third party patents, trademarks and the like, we help you redesign or redirect your innovative efforts to minimize the potential for investment losses and infringement challenges.

Enforcement Stage

In the event competitors seek to copy your products and/or trade off your goodwill, we assist you in developing and implementing domestic and international cost-effective and results-oriented enforcement strategies. These strategies include anti-counterfeiting prevention measures, such as take down notices and registering trademarks with Customs and Border Houses to prevent the flow of counterfeit goods coming into the U.S.; patent and/or trademark infringement actions and preliminary injunction motions; trademark oppositions and cancellation proceedings; and challenges to competitors’ patents and patent applications lodged in the U.S. Patent Office and abroad.

Monetization Stage

At this final stage, we work with you to license your patent and trademark rights, in the event you seek to monetize your intellectual property assets, rather than seek exclusivity. We also can assist you in leveraging your patent and trademark portfolios, in the context of asset-based lending transactions, to secure working capital from financial institutions and other lenders. Should you seek to divest yourself of portions or all of your patent and trademark portfolios, we develop proper valuations of these assets and locate purchasers.

Bilicki Law offers a level of sophisticated IP legal service characteristic of much larger law firms in Tier 1 markets. Our law practice model ensures that you will never get lost in the shuffle. At the same time, you can be assured that you will never outgrow us. Our legal fees, our clients tell us, belie the quality of the legal services we provide and the results we have obtained for them. Our objective is not to achieve short-term victories for our clients, but long-lasting success based on meeting and even exceeding your business’ goals.

To schedule a meeting with Bilicki Law, call our Jamestown office at 800-392-6852 or contact us online. We look forward to partnering with you.

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