IP Solutions For The Technological Arts

Bilicki Law offers more than just strong legal counsel — we provide solutions that meet your business’ goals, needs and best interests. Our sophisticated legal services include:

  • A team of experienced lawyers strategically positioned all over the country to meet clients where they need us
  • Lawyers with unique backgrounds in the sciences that enable them to understand the complex terminology and needs of your field
  • Experienced staff to handle patent docketing
  • A team of litigators with a track record of success resolving intellectual property disputes through litigation as well as seeking damages in cases of infringement, breach of contract, theft of trade secrets and counterfeiting
  • Counseling and advice to avoid willful infringement and the award of enhanced damages in litigation

Helping Businesses Compete Through IP Protection

Biotechnology companies: One of the biggest problems facing biotech companies, such as genetically modified agricultural plants and foods, is the fact that research and development can be costly endeavors while imitation can come at little to no cost.

We understand that the process of researching and getting a product ready for market takes time. No matter what stage your product is in, we are prepared to help you protect it now and for the future.

At Bilicki Law, our intellectual property protection solutions protect the enormous amount of time and energy it takes to create new biotech products by securing patents, copyrights and trademarks that give our clients a strong legal standing when infringement or theft of trade secrets occurs.

Chemical and materials: Chemical industry leaders are constantly finding new ways to turn natural resources – such as oil, water, minerals and natural gas – into the thousands of products some of us use every day. These feats of engineering and innovation deserve to be protected just as much as the chemical products that inevitably get produced. This is where the attorneys at Bilicki Law can help.

We have several staff members, including some of our intellectual property lawyers, with backgrounds in chemistry and chemical engineering. Adding their insight and industry knowledge to the trade secret conversation gives Bilicki Law the unique understanding of what protection you need for your innovation.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and experience with a leading intellectual property firm in New York, Byron A. Bilicki understands the industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and recognizes how a poorly maintained patent and trademark portfolio can damage profits.

Electrical and electronic devices: There are literally thousands of industries the world over who have embraced the use of technology, specifically electronics, to improve other products and develop new ideas. From cell phones to airplanes, our world would be very different if it weren’t for the hard work of scientists and inventors.

The potential for big revenue often comes in small packages. With circuitry and electronic components being a part of everyday objects, having a well-maintained patent portfolio for new potential products is critical. Our lawyers at Bilicki Law can make sure your business has the patent portfolio it needs to stay competitive.

Electrical and electronic devices have become fully integrated into nearly every industry. At Bilicki Law, we understand the risks in a variety of industries and what needs to be protected by intellectual property law.

Mechanical and aerospace: This area of patents has expanded from such things as industrial tools, musical instruments, medical products and parts to aeronautics devices, semiconductors and high-speed data connections.

Software: With so much of our lives computerized, software creation and coding have become incredibly valuable. Companies should protect the code they write as a unique form of intellectual property.

Optics and photonics: These two areas of innovation are under constant reinvention with the competition never greater for companies such as phone companies, cameras, fiber optics, defense, internet use, streaming videos for television and movies, broadband and medical devices for imaging.

Providing Protection In The United States And All Over The World

Many of the biotech and medical companies we work with here at Bilicki Law have offices in New York, across the United States and all over the world. As such, these companies require sophisticated counsel who understands the interplay of intellectual property laws across jurisdictional lines.

To best meet the needs of our business clients competing in a global market, we have fostered strong relationships with attorneys all over the world. Our international practice helps your company not only secure patents, trademarks and copyrights that can stand up in multiple jurisdictions, we also have the experience necessary to defend you in the event you find yourself facing litigation in another country or need to file a lawsuit against an offending foreign company.

Get The Assistance You Need To Protect What’s Next

Bilicki Law is considered one of the premier intellectual property law firms in New York for a reason. Our experience, integrity, success in the courtroom and ability to develop strong intellectual property protection solutions have made us a trusted authority in intellectual property law.

We encourage you to see why so many business owners in New York and beyond put their trust in Bilicki Law to protect their intellectual property assets. To schedule a meeting with someone on our team, call our office in Jamestown at 800-392-6852 or contact us online.

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