The BLF Approach

Bilicki Law attorneys are passionate about our work and enjoy collaborating with men and women around the world who are developing the ideas, products, and processes of tomorrow. We are personally invested in our clients’ success, as we have often built years-long relationships with many of their team members, and want to see them achieve their goals, no matter how large or small.

We offer the sophisticated services you would find at much larger IP firms, yet our single brick-and-mortar location, our alternative fee arrangements, and the level of engagement we share with our clients make us more agile, efficient, and affordable.

Another difference you’ll notice when working with Bilicki Law is that we truly listen to your needs, challenges, and aspirations. We believe that it is only by taking your words into consideration, that we can react accordingly and develop the legal strategies required to protect and monetize your IP in a way that fits your business.

To help our clients take full advantage of the ideas that have built their businesses, we utilize a five-stage plan to help entrepreneurs, big businesses, and everything in between, take full advantage of the ideas that have made their company a success.

Make The Most of your IP

Bilicki Law has over 25 years of experience protecting and monetizing the intellectual property of companies in the U.S. and around the world. Call our office at 800-392-6852 to discuss your IP needs or contact our legal team online.

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