False allegations of copyright infringement

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Copyright infringement takes all sorts of forms, and this is particularly true in the digital era. Some people and businesses may unknowingly violate copyright law, while others may do so thinking that they will never be caught. Furthermore, some businesses are falsely accused of copyright infringement, which can happen for different reasons. For example, a competing business may want to tarnish the reputation of the company or there may be a major misunderstanding. Either way, these cases need to be handled appropriately since there is so much at stake.

If you run a business and have been accused of copyright infringement even though you believe that the charges are baseless, it is pivotal to go over the details of the alleged incident(s) very carefully. You should have a good understanding of all of the legal options that are available to you and do all you can to have the truth brought out in court if litigation is unavoidable. However, some business owners may be able to stay out of the courtroom by discussing the situation with those accusing them of this violation (even though this is not a good idea or even possible in some instances).

Our law office realizes that false allegations of copyright infringement can be incredibly damaging for businesses of any size and some people have no idea of how to handle these situations when they arise. Please have a look at our copyright infringement section if you would like to see more on legal issues related to copyright protection.

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