Common counterfeit products

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Most people are aware of counterfeit money and fake handbags, but there are numerous other counterfeit items that result in high cost to the global economy. If you have an idea of common types of products that are counterfeit, you may learn to have a more discerning eye the next time you shop. 

According to USA Today, counterfeit products have a global financial impact of around $250 billion a year. Luxury items are especially vulnerable to imitation, and the quality is such that the costs of many products are similar to the originals. The most common counterfeit products are wallets and handbags, with jewelry and watches coming in second. Other common fake items include:

  • Electronics
  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Foot apparel
  • Computers
  • Labels
  • Optical media

There are also a number of fake pharmaceutical drugs. The CDC warns of the dangers of these imitation medications because of the potential harm they can cause. One way you can identify counterfeit meds is if the packaging is of low-quality or the drugs look odd, but often times the fake ones look very similar to genuine meds so it can be hard to tell a difference. To ensure you do not purchase counterfeit drugs while traveling, the CDC recommends you only obtain them from a licensed pharmacist and you first ask if the active ingredients are the same as what you normally take. You should inspect the packaging carefully and make sure the meds are in its original box. You should also be extra careful if you buy pharmaceutical products online.



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