What is special handling?

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There are some circumstances that warrant expedited copyright. In this case, special handling is an option that allows faster processing of copyright applications when certain factors are present. Copyright.gov explains the rules and regulations surrounding special handling so you can determine whether you’re eligible. 

Your special handling request must be approved by the chief of the Receipt Analysis and Control Division, which is a part of the Copyright Office. Special handling is granted based on three factors, which must be present for approval. First, you must show that you will be subject to future litigation. Special handling is also granted if you’re facing customs issues, which may prevent you from conducting business in another country. Finally, special handling may be granted if there is an upcoming deadline related to a contract or other business venture. The office will also consider its current workload when reviewing a request. That means even if an applicant meets the criteria, he or she might still be turned down. 

You can ask for special handling when submitting your copyright application. In general, requests are processed within five business days, although this timeline varies based on the current workload. If the reviewer has questions for you, they must be answered in a timely manner. If you fail to respond in a reasonable timeframe, your application may be refused. A special handling request also requires a separate fee, which is due upon submission. 

With online registration, you must complete the special handling portion of the menu, including the justification, which appears under the Compelling Reasons header. If you submit a paper application, you’ll need to complete the separate special handling form and provide it to the Copyright Office. You can also use this form if you’re requesting special handling on an application that’s already being processed. You can also draft a letter requesting expedited handling, which must include the reason for your request. 


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