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What Apple can teach us about trademarking and secrecy

Apple has a way of keeping even their biggest secrets under wraps until it is time for their well-planned reveal. Because of this, the general public no longer believes “leaks” are unintentional, but they soak it up all the same. Everyone is eager to get a look at what Apple is up to, even when they have no desire to purchase an Apple device.

Photographers losing money to thieves worldwide

When it comes to international copyright laws, most of the focus tends to be on music and movies. Every so often a software company may also make the news. But, what about photographers? According to ABC, photographers are losing income to news agencies, travel agencies and other businesses who use their images with neither credit nor payment.

Do you need a plant patent? What about a utility patent?

Many people have an idea at some point in their lives that they believe could have significant impacts. You may have had an idea for an invention with which you decided to move forward. Because you know that risks exist for others copying your work or otherwise trying to benefit off your idea, you certainly want to understand your protection options.

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