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Minimizing the impact of a business dispute on your company

Learning of a business dispute that is happening in your company can be highly disconcerting. Depending on the severity of the dispute, who it involves and what it is about, such disagreements can have a debilitating effect on organizational processes that ultimately affect productivity and success. At Bilicki Law, we have been able to help concerned business owners in New York to solve issues within their organization. 

Strengthening a claim of trademark violation

Having a trademark can add a level of protection to your intellectual property that could prove invaluable in the future. Your images, phrases, slogans or designs could all benefit from trademark protection, but the protection does not necessarily mean that others will not attempt to use your images or phrases.

How can you minimize the exposure of confidential information?

Keeping important information from getting into the wrong hands is imperative to your company's protection and success. While you can monitor who has access to confidential information in order to minimize their exposure, it is also important for your company, especially if you have an International presence, to implement protocols designed to keep your most sensitive information private. 

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