When do you need to use a multi-class trademark application?

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A multi-class trademark application is used when a trademark falls into more than one category. This type of application lets the applicant file electronic paperwork once and pay only one filing fee, rather than multiple times, to get a mark for their goods and services. The multi-class means that the trademark will use two or more classes of the 45 International Nice Classification (NCL) System of classes.

When is this helpful?

A multi-class application is more efficient than filing multiple applications since they only need to enter the information once. It also works for foreign filing deadlines. While there are certain drawbacks to using this application, the multiple class format is often ideal for a trademark that has a wide range of applications to a range of similar or related products. Those unsure if their goods and services are in different classes can go to the United States Patent Trademark Office’s trademark manual master list.

Potential downside

The application is a boon for many, but it still has its downsides. Most notably:

  • The application can get overly complicated because it addresses so much.
  • The cost increases with each trademark class it includes.
  • Applicants must finalize every class of the trademark to complete it.
  • Office actions for any part of the multi-class trademark application hold up the entire process.

Leave nothing to chance

The average trademark application is far from straightforward and gets more complicated when filing for a multi-class application. Considering such variables as the goods as services, a timeline and other unique circumstances, it is wise for applicants to discuss options with a trademark attorney who understands the process and create a strategy specific to the client’s needs.

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