Trade Secret And Copyright Litigation

The experienced litigators at Bilicki Law have worked extensively in the areas of trade secret and copyright litigation and understand the problems that can occur. We can help you build your portfolio of protection for all your intellectual property (IP) so that when conflicts arise, you are prepared.

Trade Secrets

The experienced attorneys at Bilicki Law understand that the protection of trade secrets is key to your company’s unique work product. We can help you make sure there are protections in place for information that you want to keep away from the competition.

Copyright Litigation

Even when your intellectual property has the added protection of a copyright, there is still the risk that another person or company will try to infringe on your IP rights. Bilicki Law is known for helping businesses protect copyrights whether it is through a negotiated resolution or through litigation. Our attorneys have been able to successfully work with clients at every stage of the process.

Personalized Case Strategies To Achieve Results Worldwide

The lawyers of Bilicki Law understand that maintaining your IP’s integrity is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage within your industry. We will thoroughly examine all aspects of your case to strongly uphold your firm’s rights to keep trade secrets and protect your copyrights. As experienced litigators, we know how to distill the facts of your case to create compelling arguments that can secure the results you need.

Our attorneys hold degrees in engineering and the sciences so we understand the complex industries within which our clients work. We are also able to represent cases using the nomenclature of each field because of the broad technical experience we bring to each case. Being able to speak your language gives you a legal advantage with effective communication and knowledge we bring to the table on day one of our discussions.

Contact Our Legal Team For Qualified Representation

Based in Jamestown, New York, we can provide representation for clients around the world. Bilicki Law attorneys are located throughout the United States, and we maintain a network of foreign legal partners. Our clients’ business interests extend outside of U.S. borders, so our legal protection does too.

Call 800-392-6852 to schedule a consultation with our legal team. You may also contact our New York firm online. Once you work with us, you can retain our services to the extent you desire. We can resolve a single instance of copyright infringement, or serve as your firm’s ongoing intellectual property counsel.